nekromantio-prevezaOn the hillock of the village Mesopotamos and the connection of the village Acherontas and the river Kokito was the Ancient City Efira which flourished the 5th and 6th century before Christ. The city became famous thanks to Necromancy which was very important in ancient times. People gathered in Necromancy and after a progress of residence and initiation, they could contact with ther dead.


Ancient Nikopoli


At the entrance of the Amvrakikos Gulf 31 before Christ, one of the bigest battles took place in ancient times, the well known battle of Aktio, between Antony and Octavian but also Kleopatra who tried to keep Egupt inpependant from Rome. To remember winning Octavian Augustus built Nikopoli and later in the 5th century at the beginning of Christianity it became the capital of Epiros.


The River Acherontas


The river of Epiros which is connected of the passing of the souls of the dead in the world of Adi. The perculiar shape of the natural environment, is the perfect attraction for tourists who seek activities like nature walks along the river up to the sources of Acherontas, where you can swim in the crystal clear waters of the river. There are also cayak, canoe and horse riding in the river. It is an area enriched with natural beauty of Delta Acherontas, which includes a place for rare birds and animals. For long hiking trips there are pathways or roads on mounains and in valley areas but the most attractive of all is the trip from stairs of Tzavelena up to the gates of Adi.




The well known monument on the homonymous Mountain, which became the symbol of Sacrifice which leads to freedom. In 1803 when Souli after many years of battle and losing to Ali Pasa, 63 women with their children in their arms jumped off the edge of the mountain, prefering to die rather than being slaves of Turkey. The monument was placed there in 1961 by the contobution of people from all over Greece. To reach it you have to climb 410 steps starting to the monastery of Saint Dimitrios.




Kassopi, the capital of Kassopea, was built before the mid 4th century before Christ, in a natural fort area at a height of 550-650 metres on the slopes of Zalogo of the village Kamarina. The city Kassopi was at its highest point.


Amvrakikos Gulf


It has a 450 square kilometres area and a unique exit towards the open Ionian sea. Its width is 600 metres and 5 metres depth. It is one of the eleven weel known and remarkable damp areas in Greece and one of the most interesting in Europe. It consists of lakesea, saltywater damps, sweetwater damps, picturesque islands which are of unique ecological value and natural beauty, as it is the home of rare species of plants, animals and birds. In total in Amvrakikos Gulf and the surrounding hills about 250 species of birds have been seen, 71 of which are protected by the European Lows.


Zirou Lake

It has been characterized as an area of great natural beauty. It is located at the mouth of the city Philipiada. The Zirou area is perfect for canoe, cayak and hiking activities.