Loutsa / Vrachos beach

The beach where our hotel is located is the largest and most impressive beach in the prefecture of Preveza, with fine golden sand and fantastic blue-green color. Busy and endless with suitable infrastructure for comfortable and enjoyable holidays. From here you can enjoy a unique sunset on the Ionian skyline. It is 30 km from Preveza, 25 km from Parga and 60 km from the port of Igoumenitsa. There are many cafes, bars, restaurants and fish taverns in the area able to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

On the beach of Loutsas-Vrachos, we have created for you the Hotel – Hotel Loukas and Apartments, which is only 10 meters from the sea and is ready to offer you a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Alonaki Beach – Keretza (Bay of Odysseus)

Πάργα: Οι 7 παραλίες που πρέπει να επισκεφθείτε (φωτογραφίες-βίντεο) – PrevezaPost

The beaches of Alonaki and  – Keretza (Bay of Odysseus) located next to the beach of Loutsa – Vrachou at a distance of only 5 km.

They are characterized by great natural beauty as they are surrounded by pine forest. They do not have special tourist infrastructure, only a canteen.

They are ideal beaches for nature lovers and absolute tranquility.

– Keretza (Bay of Odysseus)

Όρμος του Οδυσσέα | Παραλίες Πάργας | Travel Parga

The Ormos Odysseus Beach is located to the east of Ammoudia Beach and can be visited by boat or car.

It’s a small cove with a sandy beach and dunes, enclosed by a thick forest.

During the summer months, the Ormos Odysseus Beach attracts a lot of visitors, as also the other beaches in parga.

The Ormos Odysseus Beach it’s the ultimate happiness of the camper. Free camping is a lot of fixed caravans and two permanent extremely helpful Canteens.

There is plenty of free water for supply, but also enough peace in a clear sea with fine beach.

Monolithi Beach of Preveza

akti monolithiou preveza

The beach-jewel that is a trademark for Preveza. One of the unique areas in the Balkans that combines green and blue so harmoniously.

This is a sandy beach ideal for beach lovers with pebbles and deep crystal clear waters.

It stretches over an area of ​​tens of kilometers, which make it claim the title of the largest sandy beach in the European Union.

The visitor visually enjoys either the deep blue of the Ionian Sea, facing in the background Paxos or the deep green of the aesthetic forest (characterized since 1977) of 660 acres, which offers the possibility for a wellness walk.

The ancient beach near Ancient Nikopolis with the name “Komaros”, took its name from the large rock near the coast, which has now sunt

Lygia Brach and Riza Beach of Preveza

akti lygias preveza

Continuation of the beach of Riza, Lygia is an unorganized and unexplored seaside place, where several “myths” are hidden in the small coves that are formed along it.

The visitor can enjoy his swimming in the approximately 4 km of the beach of Lygia and spend his whole day by the sea, enjoying services and activities in the homonymous settlement.

Ammoudia Beach of Parga

akti amoudia preveza

One of the most ideal beaches for families and young children.

Its shallow sandy blue waters and the wide sandy beach in combination with the big trees next to the beach, for years place it in a top choice for family vacations.

In Ammoudia, the river “Acheron” “ends” creating a beautiful setting next to the beach with a small “canal”, framed by restaurants.

Ideal for surfing.

Artoliphia Beach of Preveza

Ideal for families and for those who do not want the busy beaches.

Nature itself takes care to “hide” it to remain virgin, secluded and beautiful, maintaining the mystery of the large rocks that rise in its blue waters.

Nearby one can enjoy fresh Ionian fish in the picturesque taverns.

Skala Beach of Parga

Το Αμόνι και η Σκάλα Πάργας από ψηλά

“Buried” in a beautiful pine forest, Skala testifies that access to a golden bay of the Ionian, requires the descent of some steep stairs or one of the old paths.

Its crystal clear waters are chosen by several owners of small and medium boats, who explore from the sea the dozens of picturesque coves of N. Preveza.

The rocky bottom also gives the opportunity to those who like to explore the sea wealth with a mask.